• Hair dressing and Beauty(Saloon)



    Hot combing (Tongs).

    Styling and setting .

  • Hotel and Institutional management

    Nutrition and Hygiene.

    Food production and costing practice.


    Store management.

Message from the Principal

It is great pleasure that I welcome you to the website of Seeta Vocational Institute

SVI is an institution in Uganda that focus on opportunity and achieve, a place where students are encouraged and supported to excell.Seeta Vocational Institute offers quality educational opportunities in various courses.

Our students enjoy academic success through a varied and balanced carriculum and excell across abroad range from outdoor education, sports and culture to students leadership areas.

Students from our institution are trained with practical skills which make them ready to work in thier particular areas of proffession as soon as they graduate.



    Is responsible for determining the institutions strategic objectives and policies, monitoring progress and accounting for the activities to relevant parties towards achieving the objectives and policies of the institution and students as well.


    Mr. Mbuga Steven: Facilitates the process through which instructional and media personal cooperatively plan and implemt the the educational programe to meet learner needs.


    Mr. SSemuyaga Peter: Him alog with the the principal is responsible for overseeing the teaching and the learning programs in the school.


    Mr. Mutegule Steven: Have the overall responsibility for all academics aspects of students recruitment, admissions, academic leadership and responsible for handling of complaints from students on academic affairs.


    Miss. Nambi Irene: Responsible for the governing body for the conduct of the financial affairs, business management and material state of premises and to the head for day-to-day administration.